About Us

Welcome to Rimersburg Mercantile Exchange, where we buy and sell antiques, and quality used furniture, and also attempt to preserve a small part of Rimersburg history.  We particularly like old radios, telephones & vintage electronics, but we deal in  a full range of items, from smalls to complete furniture sets from various eras to complete estates.

Located at 540 Main Street, Rimersburg, Pennsylvania (at the light on Rte 68.)  You can also get to our store – we’re 15 minutes off Interstate-80 exit 62 .


We are always buying antiques, collectibles, antique and quality used furniture.  We especially like old radios and telephones.  If you need to settle an estate, need some extra cash or just want to get rid of some old items laying around, give us a call.  We travel to most parts of Western PA and Northeastern Ohio.

A Bit of Our Store’s History

Rimersburg Mercantile Exchange is located at 540 Main Street, Rimersburg, PA in one of the oldest buildings in town.  The building was built in the late 1800’s as the Standard Supply Company, a company store run by a local mining company.   The company went bankrupt in 1908 and the building then housed the Rimersburg Supply Company through the mid 1920’s. The picture on this page is from sometime during this era.  Throughout the years, the building played host to a number of other businesses including Kaster Hardware in the late 20’s and 30’s, Rimersburg Hardware in the 40’s and 50’s owned by the Slaughenhaupt family, the Western Auto from the 60’s through mid 1980’s.  In 1976, Rich Buzzard bought and ran the Western Auto into the 90’s when he changed to Buzzard’s Auto Supply.  When Rich decided to retire, we purchased the building, renovated and opened the Rimersburg Mercantile Exchange.

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